Sunday, April 6, 2008


The first broadcast of the Mariya Alexander Show featuring the great White Bean AKA Beanus W, was a stellar success. This is especially true considering that I ran the board, fired sound effects and clips from a CD instead of a handy sound effect machine, and that we really didn't have the opportunity to practice or really plan anything major due to Beanus' circumstances with jobs and finances. We even had some phone calls! Of course my mom had to call in, even though she was so nervous, she just stammered her way through it and hung up quickly; and Emily from the salon called in, baby Jesus bless her heart; but otherwise the calls were from actual random listeners! A guy in Canada somehow stumbled upon the webcast, and a local woman also called, as did another girl whose show comes on after ours, and all to tell us that we didn't suck! Well, I can promise that next week we will not suck even more. We're going to get together and plan bits and topics, and do a better job of promoting. I waited until the last minute to let people know to listen because frankly I almost didn't want everyone to judge it in such a raw state, but I don't care anymore. It is what it is, and compared to the garbage that dominates most of the airwaves -on commercial and underground radio stations alike - our show definitely stands out. We aren't a "buddy" show with two brain-dead, identical clones talking about getting drunk together and hating people, we aren't uptight NPR-like drones who care too much about "issues"... We're just fun people who like gay pandas!

I DID mess up by arming the recorder and then not actually recording our show, so that sucks. I wanted to put it up on YouTube, but now everyone will have to wait until next Sunday to hear us live. I'll definitely make sure and record that one, so that should be up on YouTube and maybe MySpace? I guess now would be a good time to get some sort of podcasting site membership too. I'm so retarded at this part. I need a publicist and a producer! Any volunteers? We can't afford to pay you, but you will feel loved.

Also, if you have a band, or maybe you're a blingin' rapper, or maybe you have an interesting fetish, or just about anything at all that can make for good radio, please give me a holler. =)

Ta ta for now. It's time to go to Grandma's house so she can do our taxes. That's right. I got people.


Nataleesthot said...

awww.I'm sad that I missed it..but make sure to record next week so that I can "judge" the show...haha j/k im sure you were awesome...

You're freaking hilarious!

"we aren't uptight NPR-like drones who care too much about "issues"... We're just fun people who like gay pandas!"

Gay pandas???? Good golly woman! I'll do publicity work....I'll work for love :-) well, thats until you become a millionare and then I'll want a cut! I'm a marketing major...let me know.I'll probably have shitty ideas in the beggining...but at least You got people! right??? no?

MariyaWrites said...

We will definitely record the next one!

And hey, any promotion ideas that you may have would definitely be very useful. I get so caught up in what I want to do during the actual show that I freeze up on all the other stuff.

Millionnaire, eh? If that happens, you can have any cut you want - you can even have my filet mingon!

Nataleesthot said...

Well, when the time comes..I'm sure I'll enjoy your filet mignon