Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"I saw Barack Obama touching people..""

I love Joe Biden, and no less so for the quote so cleverly featured in the title of this entry.

No, but seriously, I am embarrassed to admit that I, like the people allegedly touched by Mr. Obama, am experiencing strange warm feelings throughout the course of this Democratic convention. My cool, cynical, Facebook-ready third person outer narrator is ashamed, but my secret inner flag-saluting patriot is sticking feathers in her cap and calling them Macaroni. In other words, I am moved.

I do eventually want to see an America where more than just two parties dominate national and local politics, but for now I am finally excited about one of those two actually doing something in any way positive.


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Aparna said...

Yay!!! You swung by my blog! I am enjoying your entries mighty fine myself...I will add you to my thousands o'links...I really gotta pare down. It's such a happy day to find out another person you know blogssss...

Happy Thurzday,