Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Janey Poo and other types of poo too

My little sister will be here in about an hour and I couldn't be more excited! This creature has been a pain in my ass for so long, I honestly can't believe how close we've become lately. It's amazing what growing boobs and getting drunk together can do for a relationship. She's the one that has done most of the boob-growing in our family, so I can't take any credit there, but still. My little baby is all grown up! I can't wait to see her.

Today was my first day back at the station since the grand club-fest on Monday's show, and it was uneventful and quiet, which is good. As thrilling as all that attention was - the suggestions to fire me, the name-calling - my racing heart needed a little rest. The good news is that The Big O himself smiled at me and said hello very nicely when I greeted him today, complimenting me on a job well done, so I guess I really can't ever turn down his request for a sandwich as I previously planned on doing. ;-) Also, a friendly member of the custodial staff is now leering at me suggestively and calling me "hot" whenever he sees me. Ladies and gentlemen (mostly gentlemen), I have arrived!

Last night was fun. My dear Jenn came over and entertained me with stories of almost joining a Mexican gang in Cali while Mr. T was teaching his class. Then we ran to Chipotle and darted through the door literally as they were about to lock up for the night. I know all those poor people behind the counter were wishing they could spit into our food. Instead they seemed to have made my burrito extra spicy, which led to unfortunate circumstances during my private contemplation time this morning. How can something be even spicier coming out than it was going in?! Despite this, I just polished off the remaining spicy green salsa (medium by Chipotle's ludicrous standards) with some chips, and expect more pain to come later tonight. I never learn. How do Hispanic and Asian peoples deal with this problem? Are their rectums numb?


Anthony said...


Being of Hispanic heritage, I wouldn't necessarily say that it's a "How does this (insert nationality here) deal with this?" question. While it is true that Mexican , and more formally Tex-Mex, does seem to include spicy than normal combinations, as well as some Asian dishes, primarily Thai food, it's all a matter of tolerance.

I've built up a good amount of tolerance due to having a tendency for enjoying Mexican dishes, as well as the Fire sauce at Taco Bell, and always getting the Red Tomatillo sauce on my food at Chipotle, neither of which are especially spicy to me. I wouldn't call it an accomplishment that I'm particularly proud of, but non the less a feat of spices, if not an accomplishment proper.

Having said that, I've been put to shame by people of the Caucasian likeness. Their secret? They either grew up with it (much like me, but obviously to a greater extent) or they've just had a personal preference for most of their life for foods that would make others sweat at the smell of it.

So, (Caution: EBism) I'm 1000% certain that if you keep at it, you'll eventually find yourself one day complaining that your food just isn't hot enough and perhaps reaching for the Habanero sauce to liven things up.

As an aside, women describing their bowel movements is a very telling insight into your personality. Most pretentious people girls I've met would never even speak of such things.

Anthony said...

* ...seem to include spicier than normal combinations...

boo on me...